35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit

35+ Collagen Starter Kit

Just two steps to restore your skin to feeling its healthiest and most beautiful.

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Our two 35+ collagen products in one super convenient, super effective package. Simply use our silky-smooth 35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator morning and night, and back it up with two teaspoons of delicious 35+ Collagen Beauty Builder. This powerful age-specific combo of collagen and other super active ingredients works from the inside and the outside to give 27% better results than either would alone.


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Why you need this product

Collagen makes up more than two-thirds of your skin. It’s collagen that gives your skin its stretch and bounce. And that’s what keeps you looking and feeling healthy, and youthful. However, every year, you lose 1—2% of your collagen. So if you want to keep that healthy, youthful skin, it’s time to act now.

Your Holski 35+ Collagen Beauty Builder gives your skin an age-specific mix of collagen, antioxidants, vitamins and other super active ingredients from the inside. And the 35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator matches that from the outside, with the bonus of signalling peptides so all that collagen goes just where you need it. Your skin.

What's in the box:

35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder
35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder
Sale price$74

Restore stretch and bounce in your skin with this delicious collagen powder.

35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
Sale priceFrom $74

Simplify your routine and stop fine lines and wrinkles before they appear.

Reusable Hydrator PumpReusable Hydrator Pump
Reusable Hydrator Pump
Sale price$5

Reduce the amount of plastic in your skincare routine while keeping your Collagen Activation Hydrator ready to go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amazing stuff!!

I just purchased more as I love these products! It has been about a month since my first purchase, in just a few weeks my nails are noticeably stronger, I’m also seeing a difference with fine lines that were emerging on my forehead. I have sensitive skin and haven’t had any issues. Thanks for such amazing products, hope you eventually bring out a full face and body range! Especially a night cream that would be amazing :-)

Sam, Auckland
Loving both products!

I have the powder in a glass of water in the morning and love the face cream. Excited to keep using it to see how my skin improves."

Nat Sue
Love your products;)

Since using this I have noticed a difference in my skin, hair and nails! I suffer from eczema/dermatitis on my hands and I have noticed that it has prevented me from flare ups during the summer. My skin is supple and hydrated and more smooth while using the collagen activation hydrator. Two pumps is enough to smooth over my face and neck. Started using this in the beginning of December and it is still there to use and it's coming up middle of March.

The collagen powder I have noticed it is a bit grainy, but more stirring it a bit more through my coffees in the morning dissolves it. Definitely would recommend your products to my friends and family.

Pleasantly surprised

Only been using the product for one month but my skin is definitely more hydrated and I had an irritation on the skin on my neck that has totally cleared up which was a pleasant bonus! Look forward to results from 3 months!

Kelly W.
No complaints here

I am loving the Holski products. I found within the first 2 weeks that the fine lines around my eyes were plumping out, which I wasn't expecting. So that's fantastic. The moisturizer is beautiful and it has a lovely scent to it, not overpowering which I love.

Fantastic products

Highly recommend, I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with this at all.
The powder is perfect in my morning smoothies.
The packaging is attractive and one you'll definitely go for. Bright and appealing..
100 percent satisfied with this kit !

Love the product

Loving the product right from the packaging to how the product feels on my skin!


Great tasting collagen powder and the hydrator smells great too.

Rebecca P.
This kit works wonders, highly recommend!

Having sensitive skin has always been a chore and has made me extremely hesitant to try new products. I gave this kit a go hoping for the best and I was not disappointed! The serum is very hydrating but not oily, perfectly suited for all skin types and the powder is easy to drink. You can mix it into your daily smoothie/ coffee or it helps to get an extra glass of water into your day! 2 weeks in to using the product my skin feels soft and silky!

Best on the market...

As someone who has sensitive skin and a million intolerances to food, trying a topical and ingestible product would usually spell disaster for me, but I have been so impressed with this product! I gave it a go because I believe anything skin-related should be attacked from the inside out, and the idea of consuming and applying collagen just made sense to me! The activation cream was instantly hydrating and my skin had no complaints at all (which is extremely rare!). I love that the powder is only lightly flavoured so I can add it to my smoothies or oats in the morning, without having to add an extra beverage into the day!

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