35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)
35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)

35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator (Refill)

Simplify your routine and stop fine lines and wrinkles before they appear.

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Say goodbye to your day, night and eye creams. Use this silky-smooth hydrator morning and night, but best to combine it with our 35+ Collagen Beauty Builder for even better results. The marine collagen and other super active ingredients strengthen your natural defences against UV light and work to keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Most Skin Types – Day / Night / Eye

Reusable Dispensing Pump:

Reusable Dispensing Pump


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Why you need this product

Collagen makes up more than two-thirds of your skin. It‘s collagen that gives your skin its stretch and bounce. And that‘s what keeps you looking and feeling healthy, and youthful. However, every year, you lose 1—2% of your collagen. So if you want to keep that healthy, youthful skin, it’s time to act now.

Your Holski 35+ Collagen Activation Hydrator helps to direct collagen in the body to where you need it most – your skin. That’s why it works even better together with our 35+ Collagen Beauty Builder powder. Your Collagen Activation Hydrator also contains an age-specific mix of antioxidants, vitamins and other super active ingredients to fight the effects of pollution and UV light on your skin.

Better together with:

35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder
35+ Collagen Beauty Builder Powder
Sale price$74

Restore stretch and bounce in your skin with this delicious collagen powder.

35+ Collagen Starter Kit35+ Collagen Starter Kit
35+ Collagen Starter Kit
Sale price$134

Just two steps to restore your skin to feeling its healthiest and most beautiful.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kelly W
Best my skin has ever been

My skin is smooth, soft. Feeling the best its ever felt.

100% recommend Holski!

The hydrator truly is “Silky smooth”.
It’s light, hydrating and a very small amount gives great coverage. I’m onto my second cartridge and absolutely love it. Awesome that the pump is reusable too!

Rebecca P.
This kit works wonders, highly recommend!

Having sensitive skin has always been a chore and has made me extremely hesitant to try new products. I gave this kit a go hoping for the best and I was not disappointed! The serum is very hydrating but not oily, perfectly suited for all skin types and the powder is easy to drink. You can mix it into your daily smoothie/ coffee or it helps to get an extra glass of water into your day! 2 weeks in to using the product my skin feels soft and silky!

Best on the market...

As someone who has sensitive skin and a million intolerances to food, trying a topical and ingestible product would usually spell disaster for me, but I have been so impressed with this product! I gave it a go because I believe anything skin-related should be attacked from the inside out, and the idea of consuming and applying collagen just made sense to me! The activation cream was instantly hydrating and my skin had no complaints at all (which is extremely rare!). I love that the powder is only lightly flavoured so I can add it to my smoothies or oats in the morning, without having to add an extra beverage into the day!

Highly recommend !!

I am particularly impressed with this kit. I had skin trouble for over 3 years, my skin has been itchy and break out in a small rash. Ever since I have started using this (2 weeks ago) my skin has changed so much.. its softer, smoother, and hydrated. it's become part of my daily routine. It's been fantastic kit my skin and feels like the collagen treats my body as well.
Even though I curiously purchased this kit and I can tell you that I am 100% happy with my choice.

Jess M.
Holski is a fantastic product!

Not only is it sustainable, its so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The Collagen Activation Hydration glides on effortlessly and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I have already noticed a glow in my skin. In addition, the Collagen powder is perfect for mixing into any hot or cold drinks as it doesnt contain the usual fishy taste experienced with many other collagen powders. The subtle vanilla flavour is perfect! I am looking forward to seeing more results with Holski.

Pru P.
Love the product

Loving the product right from the packaging to how the product feels on my skin!

I was excited for it to arrive and was not disappointed

It is beautifully presented and the hydrator instantly makes my skin feel smoother, plus it smells lovely! Caro, Lower Hutt

Leanne B.

Great tasting collagen powder and the hydrator smells great too.

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