Our Story

Hi, we’re Emma and Jill. Thanks for coming to check out our story. It makes perfect sense — you want to know who you’re buying your Holski from.

Our story began about three years ago, although we’ve been sisters-in-law for longer. As working mums, trying to do it all, being pulled in all directions, we always struggled to look after ourselves – especially our skin. There’s often a lack of sleep, a lack of time, being in the outdoors under harsh UV light, you don’t feel beautiful at times, and there is the temptation to start on the wines at the end of the day! All that takes a toll on the skin.

When we compared notes, we realised that skincare is too complicated, takes too much time and leaves too much waste. There had to be a better way. With backgrounds in the dental industry and law, we’re used to doing research and reading case studies, so we got started. 

We wanted to find a product that could deliver healthy, beautiful skin. Simply. 

Our research helped us learn lots about the importance of some of the super active ingredients that would become the star ingredients in Holski. We also started to understand that using the same ingredients from the inside and the outside makes them more effective. Makes sense, right?

The more we learnt about the power of collagen, signalling peptides, antioxidants and vitamins, the more we realised that this wasn’t something we could cook up in the kitchen sink. So we went to New Zealand’s top skincare cosmetic chemist and herbalist, among many other experts, to help create Holski. And hopefully, start a bit of a skincare revolution for busy people like you.

Now we’ve got a two-step skincare solution that gives you back more time in your day, means less waste, and helps reverse the effects of sun, pollution, lifestyle and age on the skin.

And we’re proud to share it with you.