Not all collagen is created equal

Not all collagen is created equal

Collagen is probably why you're here. The beauty and skincare worlds are full of talk about collagen right now. But not all collagen is created equal.

Where the collagen in your beauty products comes from matters because that makes a difference in how effective, transparent and sustainable it is.

We go into some depth about what collagen is and what it does for you here – but it's probably a good idea to sum things up too. Collagen makes up about 70% of your skin. It's also found in your bones, muscles and cartilage. It's collagen that gives your skin its elasticity and bounce, but every year, we lose more collagen, which leaves our skin looking saggy, wrinkled and blemished. Putting collagen back in by using products like the Holski Beauty Builder and Collagen Activation Hydrator helps restore your skin's bounce and stretch, making you look and feel healthier.

Most products on the market in New Zealand use bovine (cow) collagen because it's cheap. However, cheap does not always mean good. You need to ask a few questions about the collagen in your beauty products. How were those cows raised? What were they fed? And what supplements and fertilisers were used?

Holski can answer those questions about the collagen used in our products. The collagen in your Holksi is completely traceable.

We use marine collagen in our Collagen Beauty Builder and Collagen Activation Hydrator. Marine collagen comes from fish skin – it's a superior source of collagen to the others out there.

Here are four great reasons Holski collagen is better than other sources of collagen.

Your body absorbs marine collagen better
You want the product you're using to work, right? Marine collagen is closer to human collagen than bovine (cow), porcine (pig) or chicken collagen. That means your body absorbs marine collagen one and a half times better than collagen from those other sources. When you combine this with the signalling peptides in the Collagen Activation Hydrator, you know all that collagen is going exactly where you need it – your skin.

Once there, the collagen goes to work restoring your skin's bounce and elasticity, boosting its regeneration, smoothing out wrinkles and repairing blemishes. You're getting all the good stuff.

Holski collagen is single origin
The marine collagen in Holski comes from a single source – wild fish caught in the oceans off Norway. This is also a claim many big collagen producers cannot make. They produce so much collagen that they source it from all around the world. 

Why is single origin collagen good? Because you know exactly where the collagen in Holski comes from. With collagen from other animal sources, you can't always be sure those animals were ethically sourced from one place and were well treated.

Holski marine collagen is sustainable
The marine collagen in Holski is made from the skin of fish that would otherwise become waste. And when you combine that with sustainable fishing practices, you've got super-effective collagen without guilt. Holski marine collagen gets the Blue Fish Tick from the Marine Stewardship Council, so you know your collagen comes from sustainably harvested wild fish.

The other sustainability advantage of marine collagen over cow and pig collagen is that fish produce no methane. The methane from animals is one of the leading greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

Pills vs powder
Holski's Beauty Builder supplies super effective marine collagen in a powder form, but lots of other collagen comes as pills or capsules. Why does this matter?

Because a powder is super versatile, you can put it on your cereal, in your fruit juice, or even make a smoothie. There are many ways to take it.

Even more important is the amount of collagen you get. Around 2500mg is the minimum effective dose. One spoonful of Holski Collagen Beauty Builder gives you 4000-5000mgs of marine collagen that is absorbed better than other collagen types. That means you need a big handful of pills or capsules even to get close to the same amount! And who's got time to be opping big handfuls of pills?

So next time someone talks about collagen, ask yourself, where does it come from? And how do you take it?

Because if it's the marine collagen in Holski, you know it's: 

  • super effective
  • single origin
  • sustainable
  • simple to use

Not every type of collagen can make those claims.