Why a Holistic Approach is your Best Bet for Glowing Skin

Why a Holistic Approach is your Best Bet for Glowing Skin

Holistic skincare is driven by the philosophy that using the same ingredients internally and externally provides a better effect than applying them separately. 
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A whole body approach using corresponding topical products and dietary supplements enhances skin from the inside out. Plus three targeted active ingredients known for beautifying the skin and body. 

The beauty and skin care world can be so confusing and overwhelming, making it a real challenge to even know where to start. Countless ‘miracle products’ claim to deliver results while expensive procedures and surgeries promise grander outcomes, but at what cost?

Society tells us to reserve anti-aging focused products for a more mature age, but then is it too late? Starting at age 20, skin starts to breakdown by 2% each year as collagen levels fall while environmental factors like climate, pollution and lifestyle habits also start to take a toll. Experts agree that anti-ageing should be considered a marathon rather than a sprint, and is best approached long before that first wrinkle appears.

What is Holistic Skin Care?

The word ‘holistic’ refers to taking a whole approach and regarding an entire system. With holistic skin care, the entire body is considered to achieve the best possible result. Dietary supplements and topical skin care work in tandem from the inside out and the outside in. Using the same ingredient throughout the process is a bonus too, allowing each part of the body’s system to work simultaneously together.

Why Try a Holistic Approach?

When you ingest a supplement, you can’t necessarily control where in the body the nutrients go as the body prioritises that for you, based on its current needs. The truth of the matter is similar with topical skin care as not all ingredients can penetrate the skin or be absorbed deep enough to provide a consistent benefit. Together is better, a holistic approach covers more bases and ticks more boxes to work as a complete system for better outcomes.

Give the People What They Want

It’s refreshing to know that nowadays consumers are typically more motivated to be healthy and feel good, rather than look attractive to others. With skin care as the biggest category in the cosmetic space (accounting for 42% of the global market,) it’s obviously a major piece of the self-care equation. Beauty supplements are now considered mainstream by 72% of consumers and an especially sought-after resource for millennials.

Holistic Ingredients to Look Out For

Marine Collagen – What it Is And Why It Works

The collagen present in our bodies consists of protein that acts as major building blocks of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin and hair. As the name suggests, marine collagen comes from a variety of marine species (mostly the skin and bones of fish) and acts similarly to human collagen in compensation and structure.

When it comes to aging, high levels of collagen are important because it stops skin from sagging for a plump, healthy and youthful look. In fact, 70% of our skin is made up of collagen, making it a strong anti-aging tool in both oral and topical formulations.

The benefits of marine collagen are many. Here’s a few ways it improves the skin:

  • Boosts the skin’s natural process of regeneration
  • Rejuvenates the texture and elasticity in facial skin
  • Contours are tightened, skin complexion appears plumper, smoother and more even
  • Restores moisture, skin’s cushion and its bounce
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of expression lines.

Numerous studies prove the efficacy of oral collagen consumption on skin aging and increased moisture levels including a comprehensive clinical trial with Japanese and Caucasian women. In the study, marine collagen peptides were shown to increase skin moisture by 12% in a period of just eight weeks.

Marine collagen works especially well topically with the help of collagen signalling peptides. Peptides are strings of amino acid that make up proteins, including collagen within the skin. Just like collagen loss, our skin’s natural communication channels slow down over time, making signalling peptides an important piece of the holistic skin care landscape. When applied topically, the body sees these peptides as ‘signals’ that healing is needed, which boosts collagen production and hyaluronic acid for a plumped, restored and more youthful appearance. 

Powerful Antioxidants – Mushroom & Melon 

Antioxidants play a protecting role within skin care, helping to block free radical and oxidative damage developing within skin’s surface from aggressors like UV and pollution. Two natural antioxidants that pack a powerful punch and work particularly well in a holistic sense are Tremella Mushroom and Holimel, an extract from melon.

Also know as the beauty mushroom, tremella has been used for centuries as a skin care remedy as well as an aid for boosting the immune system and lowering inflammation. With high amounts of polysaccharides and vitamin D, the skin is able to keep hydrated and supple. Studies have shown tremella acts in a similar way as hyaluronic acid, pulling moisture into the skin. Tremella actually has a smaller molecules than hyaluronic acid, allowing it to penetrate the skin faster and possibly more effectively. These water-retaining properties are hard to beat, making tremella a skin hydrating, wrinkle-reducing all-star when consumed regularly.

Holimel is a patented melon juice concentrate with a high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD. It can be used both orally and topically to boost the skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, thus preventing oxidative stress and inflammation caused by environmental threats. Since UV exposure if responsible for 80% of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging like pigmentation, wrinkles and texture issues, Holimel is more valuable than ever. 


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