Collagen Signalling Peptides – the best trick you can play on your skin

Collagen Signalling Peptides – the best trick you can play on your skin

So you’re thinking of making collagen part of your skincare regime – that’s good news. To get the most out of your collagen, you need to know about signalling peptides. Because they are the secret sauce that takes your collagen skincare routine from good to great.

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Your body loves collagen. That’s because so many things that make up your body contain collagen. Your hair, your bones, your nails and your skin, to name a few. So if you’re using collagen supplements, your body will thank you. But it might not use the collagen how you want it to.

Your body makes its own decisions about where it uses the collagen from those supplements you are taking. Sure strong bones and great hair are good. But if you’re taking collagen to improve your skin, you want to know it’s going exactly where you need it. And that’s where collagen signalling peptides come in.

Peptides are made from amino acids, the same as protein (which is precisely what collagen is). The thing about peptides is that they are smaller chains than proteins. That makes them easily absorbable. Peptides slip past the outer layer of skin and get absorbed deep inside, where all the work of building and maintaining your skin happens.

There are many different types of peptides, but the ones you want to look for are collagen signalling peptides. If you’re already spending money on collagen supplements, these signalling peptides are your friends.

Usually, collagen signalling peptides help when your skin gets damaged. They tell your body to direct extra collagen to go where the damage is and help repair things. But they can be used to trick your body too.

Applying signalling peptides to the skin helps to trick the body into thinking the skin where the peptides have been used is damaged. So your body prioritises its collagen supply to go to those areas of the skin to help the repair. That way, all the extra collagen from your collagen supplements goes right where you need it – your skin.

 Once the collagen is pulled to the skin, it starts to help rebuild the skin, giving you a healthier look and feel. And this is exactly what you got your collagen for in the first place. Using a topical product alongside a supplement also means adding collagen from the inside and the outside, which gets you complete coverage of your skin.

However, not every topical collagen product has signalling peptides, but the Holski Collagen Activation Hydrator does. It’s one of the secret ingredients that make Holski so effective. It’s also why Holski products are better together. Clinical trials show that using the Collagen Activation Hydrator alongside the Collagen Beauty Builder powder is 27% more effective than using just one of the products by itself.

So if you want more beauty for your buck or just like the look and feel of healthy skin, signalling peptides should be the secret sauce you look for in any collagen product.

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