Guilt-free skincare that looks after the planet while you take care of your skin

Sustainability matters to you, and it matters to us. But there is a lot of greenwashing out there in the beauty industry. So what does sustainability mean to us?

The team at Holski is continually working to be more sustainable. But we need to balance this with creating a safe and effective product. While we would like to sell everything without plastic, the practical advantages just do not measure up, so we must be smarter about how we use plastic.

Holski is committed to sustainability, and everything in our business is measured against five simple words, starting with the letter ‘R’ – responsibility, reduce, renew, reuse and recycle.


Consuming less is our best strategy for saving the planet. The beauty industry has spent years teaching us that we need a different product for every problem, every part of the face, and every time of the day. 

This adds up to lots and lots of waste and an empty pocket.

As a responsible business, we believe it’s essential that we don’t just create as many unnecessary products as possible to pump up our profits while claiming we’re sustainable. 


Sustainability starts with reduction. Compare Holski to other skincare products. Do you need all those lotions and potions? We don’t think so. Our philosophy is that less is more. By using a minimalist skincare routine, like Holski, with only two highly effective products, you get fantastic results without as much waste. 


The ingredients in our Holski products come from sustainable sources. The marine collagen we use is a fisheries byproduct and is MSC approved. Ingredients that risk natural habitats such as palm oil are not used. Our packaging incorporates plant-based plastics. These come from sugarcane sourced from renewable resources, and the production process actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


Our hydrator uses a two-step airless system. This solves any sanitisation issues with a reusable dispenser and loadable refill cartridge. Because the pumps are reusable, they reduce the amount of plastic used by 66% while protecting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will start to deteriorate in the presence of air.


There are lots of hidden benefits contained within our packaging choices, like the plant-based pottles made from sugarcane, limiting the types of plastics used because only PET (1), HDPE (2) and PP (5) are widely accepted for recycling in New Zealand. The topical dispensers with PP refill cartridges are reusable, and we do not use cellophane to tamper seal our boxes. 

Plans for a sustainable future

We all know that sustainability isn’t just something you say is “all done” – it’s a process. New products and manufacturing techniques become available all the time, so we’ll take advantage of these to give you the best guilt-free skincare regime available. 

Currently, we are working towards offering a closed-loop recycling programme. And as high-quality post-consumer recycled plastic becomes available, we’ll include this alongside plant-based plastic in our packaging.