Superior skin love

From the inside out and the outside in

When it comes to conventional skincare, today’s market offers you two choices – dietary supplements and topical skincare. Both have their limitations when used alone. 

Why is this a problem? Because you know your skin is affected by what’s going on inside as well as on the outside. You know that, if you eat bad food, it can show on your skin, or if you don’t get enough sleep, it shows under your eyes. So it makes sense to look after your skin from the inside and outside. Then you’re surrounding it with love.

Introducing Supplemetics™ – dietary supplements and topical skincare formulated to work together. More effective skincare using the same ingredients, from the inside out and the outside in.

Just two steps to healthy, beautiful skin

Forget all those lotions and potions. Holski has developed Supplemetics™ to give you maximum results from the minimum products.

The hydrator

Use the silky smooth Holski hydrator morning and night. Super active ingredients go to work on the outside to give you healthy, beautiful skin. Simply.

The powder

You only need two teaspoons a day of Holski’s great tasting supplement powder. Take it whenever works for you, and the same super active ingredients finish the job from the inside.  

The top 5 reasons you’ll love Holski Supplemetics™

Collagen signalling

Holski’s super power. Many different parts of your body need collagen. If you only use a powder, that collagen can go anywhere. But the signalling peptides in your Holski hydrator direct the body to send all that collagen where it’s needed – your skin. 

Works from the inside and outside

It just makes sense. Holski delivers the super active ingredients you need to the whole of your skin, not just the outside.

Holistic skincare

Holski isn’t just working from the inside and the outside. It uses the same super active ingredients. Studies show that using the same ingredients from the inside and the outside is 27% more effective than just using them inside or outside alone. 

Full of antioxidants

Antioxidants that increase your skin’s natural defence against UV light and pollution-related damage, preventing collagen loss to give you healthier, more beautiful skin. 

Age specific

Your skin changes over time, and the help it needs to stay healthy and radiant changes too. Holski offers three different formulations for different stages of life. At each stage, your Holski products get stronger to keep up with the demands of age.

Select your age level

From 20 years

From 35 years

From 50 years