Reusable Dispensing pumps

We use a two-step airless topical system that solves any sanitisation issues with a reusable dispenser and loadable refill cartridge. It reduces the amount of plastic used by 66% while protecting antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will start to break down and deteriorate in the presence of air.

Plant-based plastic

I am green! Our pottles are
made from bio-based plastic, a polyethylene made from sugarcane sourced from renewable resources, and the production process captures carbon dioxide, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We limit the types of plastics used because only PET (1), HDPE (2) and PP (5) are widely accepted for recycling in New Zealand. The reusable topical dispensers with a PP refill cartridge reduce the amount of plastic going to roadside collection. We are working towards offering a closed-loop recycling program.


Holski is committed to sustainability. We are continuously working towards being more sustainable. Everything is measured against four simple little words starting with the letter R - reduce, renew, reuse and recycle.

Holistic Skincare

Sustainably Sourced